abeMeda Troubleshooting

Cataloging disks with abeMeda X.X is slower than before?

Every new version of abeMeda is usually able to read more meta data than previous versions. For example, abeMeda 5.0 now is able to read photo thumbnails. This is of course slower than before, but you can always turn off any new features like that, using the abeMeda Preferences.

Why does abeMeda not display IPTC or EXIF info for a photo file?

abeMeda can only display the EXIF or IPTC data of a photo file if the option to read that info is turned on when the volume is cataloged. For any catalogs created with previous versions of abeMeda, this info wasn't read and thus cannot be displayed.

Please also note that abeMeda only shows the EXIF and IPTC data in the Inspector, not in the Get Info window.

abeMeda.exe - Unable To Locate DLL (GDI+)

If you see an error message saying "The dynamic link library gdiplus.dll caould not be found..." upon starting abeMeda, then you do not have the necessary GDI+ installed on your system.
abeMeda can not run without this DLL, it is needed for the generation of the picture previews. GDI+ is standard on Windows XP, but on Windows 2000, it is not included by default. It may be installed by other products, like Office or newer versions of the Internet Explorer. If you don't have it installed, you can get an installer from Microsoft : Platform 
SDK Redistributable: GDI+
to install it separately. (see also in the abeMeda documentation, under System requirements).