abeMeda - Prices and purchase options

abeMeda Windows Personal License

License for one single user.

Full features, but no sharing of catalogs on a file-server.

For private, personal or small business use.

License Price ($) Price (€)
abeMeda Windows Personal License $39 29€
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abeMeda Windows Business Licenses

License for multiple users

Full features, plus sharing of catalog files in a network, and automatic update of the database folder.

For business use.
License Price ($) Price (€)
abeMeda Windows 2 User Pack $149 99€
abeMeda Windows 3 User Pack $219 149€
abeMeda Windows 5 User Pack $359 229€
abeMeda Windows 10 User Pack $599 399€
abeMeda Windows 20 User Pack $999 649€
abeMeda Windows 50 User Pack $1.999 1.299€
abeMeda Windows Site License $4.499 2.899€

abeMeda Windows Updates

To update a previous license to the latest abeMeda version.
License Price ($) Price (€)
abeMeda Windows Personal License Upgrade $25 19€
abeMeda Windows Business License Upgrade 2 User Pack $89 59€
abeMeda Windows Business License Upgrade 3 User Pack $129 89€
abeMeda Windows Business License Upgrade 5 User Pack $209 129€
abeMeda Windows Business License Upgrade
Please contact us for your own update price based on your existing license for any other license count / combintaion !
$ -- -- €
If you already bought a different cataloging or media aset manager application, ask us for a cross-grade offer!

abeMeda Purchase Options

Credit Card Please use the PayPal option in the abeMeda Store or our BMTMicro Store for this, they both accept a wide range of credit cards. Just use the buttons provided above.
Purchase Order Please use the BMTMicro Store for this, as they can accept international, and especially US Purchase Orders. Find out more about their conditions here.
Bank Transfer
If you live in Euroland, and / or have access to cheap and reasonable bank transfer rates to our accounts in Europe, you can also pay via Bank Transfer. In that case, contact us with your order details, and we can send you preliminary invoice.
BMTMicro accepts SWIFT and US wire transfers.
Other / Sales Support
If you have questions about the available payment methods or order process, you can always contact us via eMail or fax, to inform us of your order. Use the contact information below to reach us.

Mailing Address Contact Info
Andreas Becherer Engineering
Andreas H. Becherer
Erich-Ollenhauer-Str. 194
D-65199 Wiesbaden
Email: abe@abeMeda.de Contact_Form

Phone: +49 - 611 - 422 848
Fax: +49 - 611 - 204 8406