Finding duplicate items...

Find Duplicates (beta) (2)
We are working on several big topics right now - like building a new 64 bit with extended abilities, creating movie contact sheets or finding duplicate items. We’re quite excited about these, and today, we want to tell you about finding duplicates.

The basic idea is, of course, to compare a number of catalogs, and find out any duplicate or unique items on them. So you can see what items take up space unnecessarily; or which files are not yet on your backup drive; or what photos on your friends’ drive are not yet in your own collection.
It’s a little more complicated than finding items, though, since you want to compare every item in every catalog with every item in another catalog. So, we’re currently working on fleshing that out, getting the basic comparisons to work, and offering different comparison options and configurations - while also keeping the whole operation reasonably fast.
So right now we’re offering different criteria to determine if items are duplicates of each other: same size, same name, same kind, same modification dates or same FileCheck value. We plan on leaving you the option of choosing what constitutes duplicity based on your needs or the task at hand.
Also, we will offer narrowing the scope of the search - you will be able to limit the comparison (and its results) by item kind, item size, or item date - resulting in more focused results and increased search performance.
We’re still battling a little over the way to display these results. Right now, we are filling them in a tree view, grouping duplicates under their original, and separating uniques in their own branch as well. This could also be achieved with different list views, but we’re still experimenting with that. In any case, you will be able to work with the results, eg exporting them to an album or an XML, and probably even copying, moving or deleting them from their original locations as well.

It’s a pretty huge and powerful new function, and we’re hoping to get that on the road soon enough. Let us know what you think, or if you have ideas or suggestions for us.